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Vortex Diamondback Hp 3-12×42 Review

Do you really need a riflescope? Well, the answer might sound a bit too evident but it does boil down to the matter of personal choice. Even the most talented hunter might find having an optic companion mounted on his riflescope to be a benefit in several situations. Known to be one of the popular choices that pack a lot of features this Vortex diamondback hp 3-12×42 review aims at offering you a sneak peek into what the product really is all about.

There are several things you might want to consider before investing in a riflescope. Doing your research and buying the top models would be worth the expense in the long run rather than hurrying and settling for a cheap riflescope. Vortex Diamondback hp 3-12×42 is a versatile one which comes in handy for hunting rifles. Coming from a brand that is known for its unrivaled position in optics, this one has a fuss-free clean interface that would not confuse even the first time users. Decent features that are easily accessible, a neat single tube design, this riflescope has it all. And there are two reticles that you could choose from for this one, the V-Plex, and the Dead-Hold BDC.

There are many features for the hunters to explore and these are all easy to access making this a convenient riflescope. So you would not be wasting a single moment on fiddling with the controls. And did we mention that this one is easy to mount and unmount too! Read on to find out more about the detailed features that make this one a great value for money.

Features and Specs

  • Comes with a magnification range of 3x to 12x
  • Features a traditional 1-inc tube that most hunters would find convenient to use
  • Has a capped turret design
  • Parallax setting: 30 yards to infinity
  • Weighs merely 18 ounces

Is Vortex diamondback hp 3-12×42 the best value for money riflescope for hunters?

The HP in the name indicates High performance which is what this riflescope is all about. The tube has been designed to look simple but offers the most sophisticated performance without any trouble. So whether you have already used several types of riflescopes or whether you are getting one for the first time you this one would not disappoint you.

Vortex Diamondback hp 3-12×42 features the signature XD lens elements like most other riflescopes from this brand. This is known as the extra low dispersion rates that result in the sharpness of the displayed image. And to enhance the transmission of light this one also has XR multi-coating on all the glass surfaces that are in contact with air.

With a magnification range of 3-12x, this is a pretty versatile model that is suitable for long and short range sighting. Your scope’s turret would determine the process of zeroing the scope. As with most hunting rifles as most hunters prefer, this one comes with a capped turret. This way you can set your turret ahead and then stop worrying about having to adjust it when you are out hunting. So even when you are busy hunting you would not accidentally change the turret settings.

On the whole, this one pack features that most hunters look for in their riflescope. So it does offer great value for money. And given the durable build quality, you can be assured that this scope is going to be a long-term companion for your rifle.

A reliable fuss-free design

The user-friendly design is the most notable benefit of this riflescope. To make alignment easy this one has a single tube design like most other riflescopes from Vortex. The optic performance of the Vortex scopes needs no introduction. The lenses boast delivery of lucid images. And to keep the lens as good as new there is a hard coating provided to prevent damage to the lens from scratches. This would also keep smudges from blurring the images when you accidentally touch the lenses. You would also not have to worry about oil and dirt accumulation on the lens and scratches that might occur due to this.

Further to prevent the fogging of the lenses due to moisture, there is gas-purging provided. So you do not have the problem of moisture build-up hampering the visibility of the lenses, no matter what the weather is outside. And a hunter would definitely need a scope that is rugged enough to withstand temperature and weather extremities and this one performs well in that area. So with this waterproof scope, you are all set for your hunting ventures.

The controls are provided on the left to make it easy for the shooter to access them while shooting. These controls provide all the essential adjustments to the parallax settings and image focus. And to match the turret marking the reticle markings are also given in MOA to avoid confusion. There are several such tiny details that make the Vortex diamondback hp 3-12×42 pretty easy to use.

Best in class optics

With the choice of the best optic elements, this one would not fail you in the field. Whatever be the magnification level you set you can expect to receive crystal clear images. And to enhance the clarity there are anti-reflective coatings on the glass surfaces. These prevent glares from reducing visibility. And you can also be assured of the decent brightness of the images irrespective of the lighting conditions. The magnification system has been designed so as to provide a smooth transition from one level to another without affecting the view. This is further enhanced by the convenient eyepiece that also makes the focus process quick.

Second focal plane reticle

Though the first and the second focal plane scopes have their own pros and cons there are many that choose second focal plane scopes. This is because your reticle would not be changed even when you are altering the magnification levels. So your reticle stays visible at all times. Even when you set the magnification level to be the maximum, you would be able to use the reticlesubtensions for correcting wind drift, holdover, and range as well.

Robust design

While the O-ring seals the tube shut from moisture damage the tube itself is pretty tough inside out. To add to the strength of the tube this one is made of aircraft grade aluminum. This makes the tube strong enough to withstand shocks and vibrations even during impact and recoil.


  • Capped turrets prevent alterations on the field which might occur by mistake. The caps add a layer of protection.
  • To prevent glares on the riflescope from indicating the shooter’s position the scope features a matte finish. This anodized finish also keeps your scope from scratches.
  • One of the prominent benefits this one has over the others in the segment is the impressive eye relief which works well for the given magnification levels. There is a large eye box so you can easily view the images.
  • When it comes to clarity and brightness of the image this one is a pretty tough competitor to the others in the segment. Even on a day when the sunlight isn’t too bright, you can expect a bright and vivid image.


  • The mounting process might be a bit tricky and you need the right high mount 1-inch rings. This is owing to the length of the tube and the fact that this one comes as a single piece design which needs to be perfectly aligned along the length of your rifle. But when you have the right mount rings then the process is pretty simple.
  • The overall optical quality of the lens elements is pretty impressive. But if you are looking for a wide field of view this is not the best one in the segment.
  • When you choose the BDC reticle the vertical lines might make it tough to obtain the target in a windy situation. But this has been tackled by providing hash marks only for half MOA both sides.


Vortex Diamondback hp 3-12×42 is the type of riflescope that offers the best optics in a tough body at a competitive price. If it doesn’t fall within your budget as a first-time buyer take some time to look into the features of the product and get your hands on one in the field. This would give you an idea of how it really works. And this is a riflescope that has managed to get some good reviews from everyone who has used it. So you would not regret spending your money on this one.



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