How to Shop for the Top Horse Boots

There are so many horse boots on the market today, and it’s hard to know which pair is right for your horse. 

When looking at top horse boots, there are several things to think about, including fit, protection, durability, and price. Here are some tips to help you find them.

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The Right Fit is Crucial

First, if you want the boots to stay on and fit properly, they need to be the right size. Find a pair that is an accurate representation of your horse’s hooves. This will ensure that they will fit correctly with little or no slipping. If possible, try them out on a snowy day; this way, you can see how they stay on during bumpy rides across the ice.

There are many ways to get the right fit. Before you make any purchases, take your horse professionally measured and fitted for boots if possible. 

A Variety of Types 

If you are shopping online, you must find out exactly what type of boot your horse needs. If you don’t know if it has a white line disease or navicular syndrome, for example, look for hoof boots that offer a variety of protection levels. 

Also, make sure to look for hoof boots that you can use on the front and hind legs and boots with replaceable pads. If you have a horse prone to slipping, consider boots that are anti-skid with an extra layer of protection.


Quality hoof boots should protect your horse’s hooves in a variety of ways. Some boots offer protection from the elements, while others offer pads in different locations to protect sensitive areas like white lines or corners. 

Though many different hoof boots are on the market today, finding quality craftsmanship can be difficult. The best way to find great ones is to read reviews from other horse owners or talk with a professional farrier.

Consider Durability 

When shopping online, consider durability as well as price. The material used in your boots will have a significant impact on their durability. Rubber boots, for example, are extremely durable but usually more expensive than neoprene or synthetics. 

Neoprene can be very durable, but it is important to look over the care instructions on the neoprene you are considering before buying them. Synthetic boots are often cheaper than rubber, neoprene, or other materials, but they can also have a shorter lifespan.

Consider Your Horse’s Weight

Lastly, consider the weight and activity level of your horse when shopping for the top horse boots. If your horse is a bigger breed or tends to be on its feet all day, rubber boots may last longer than neoprene. 

On the other hand, if you have an older or uncoordinated horse, neoprene may be a better option. Synthetic options can also be suitable for horses who weigh less than 700 pounds.

To find the right boots for your horse, you can take into consideration how much money you are willing to spend as well as your horse’s size and needs. It is best not to choose a pair of hoof boots because they are priced low unless you don’t mind buying boots twice or three times a year. 

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