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windscreen-waher-reviews-2016Getting an appropriate windscreen or windshield washer isn’t the topmost thing that appears in your mind whenever you start thinking about your automobile maintenance. Although there are various other important issues when it is about maintenance a vehicle, it doesn’t mean that acquiring the best windshield washer is a matter that can be neglected.

Applying the best windscreen washer will ensure that you can remove dirt, bugs, and other annoying elements on your windscreen and allow you to have crystal clear front view while you drive. Moreover, windshield washing fluid shouldn’t shine on it or smear your windscreen in all means. Most of the times, whenever you go the workshop for an oil change, they fill up your car’s windshield fluids without any charges; however it is usually good to keep a jar of such a useful fluid just in a case whenever you run out on road. Windscreen washer is not very expensive, therefore you can easily buy as many as you can and have them to last for long time. There are various things that you are required to consider when searching for one of the best products for windshield washer.

First of all, make sure that it must has a lowest freezing point as you never like it to get freeze on your windshield when it is a cold weather. Then, ensure that it has a stronger cleaning fluid that will definitely remove all kinds of debris and dirt on the windshield. Finally, ensure that the washer will not harm the seals of your vehicle, like the frame of windshield and the paint on your car, when it splashes too far.

Here is a list of some top brands for Windshield Washer and their reviews



Top 10 Windshield Washer Fluids

  Einszett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid ConcentratenextzettNo$9.22 More Details
  Prestone De-Icer Windshield Washer FluiPrestoneYes$3.99 More Details
  Instant Windshield Washer303 ProductsNo$12.13 More Details
  Rain-X RX11806D Windshield Washer Fluid AdditiveRain-XYes$6.52 More Details
  SEMPER Quick Dissolve Windshield WasherSEMPER Quick DissolveNo$5.99 More Details
  Premium Glass & Mirror Streak Free CleanerTriNovaNo$13.97 More Details
  Invisible Glass Premium Glass CleanerInvisible GlassNo$10.95 More Details
  Trico Aquapel Aerosol Glass Windshield Cleaner Trico No$13.95 More Details
  Penray 5216 Windshield Spray De-IcerU.S. Kitchen SupplyYes$36.47 More Details
  MK37-541 Anti-Frost Windshield Washer FluidMcKee's 37Yes$42.99 More Details


Einszett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate

Kristall Klar is best windshield cleaner for those who are searching for cheaper product that works. As it’s a concentrated washer fluid, single bottle of it gives you seven gallons of fluid when combined with some water. Kristall Klar is ammonia free, biodegradable, and never damage any seal, rubber, plastic and paint of your vehicle. You can safely use it even on your headlight screens that are made of plastic. It contain water softeners that avoids mineral build-ups. Its special formula is very kind to your wiper blades and really reduces the wear and tear such as skipping of the wiper blades which is very annoying.

It really does a good job to get rid of bugs and dirt, although it has some of the trouble with tree sap and bird droppings. In contrast to most common washer fluids that are essentially like water, this product is amazing on the bugs because it completely dissolves all the residue. Its only pitfall is that Krystall Klar Washer isn’t anti-frost windscreen washer fluid, however fortunately Kristall Klar offer the product that help you to take care of ice and frost on the windshield.




Prestone De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid

Prestone De-Icer windshield Washer is for those who are searching for a product that help them to clean debris and dirt and at the same time handle frost and ice by melting it in cold weather. It offer a great convenience in a way that you just need one solution that take care of your entire needs in all the seasons throughout the year. It is a ready to apply solution that doesn’t need any dilution in the water or any other solvent. It can safely be used on all types of paints and plastics.

After practical tests it was found that it is good for cleaning up the dirt as well as debris, however it doesn’t work well or ask for too much of effort at user side when it is about cleaning bugs, tree saps and birds dropping. The feature where this product shines is that it works best whenever there is some ice on your windscreen and you need an instant defroster.

Prestone Windshield Washer Fluid can work at the temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or above. For those who are living in a place with very cold environment they will be possibly better if they can use an additive of antifreeze washer. Overall, Prestone De-Icer is the best windscreen washer for people who lives in places with extremely cold weathers and needs a windshield washers that can help them in all the times.



Instant Windshield Washer

It is one of the best portable lightweight washer. Carrying several of gallons can be annoying and expensive as well. You can eliminate these annoyance by keeping this DIY solution called Instant Windshield Washer. Its cost per gallon is very low. It also allow you to reduce the number of plastics bottles in the landfills, specifically if you are one of those people who are really environmentally conscious. It can also be kept in the car for instance when you are running out of it you can use a tablet of it which is sufficient for a complete washer solution.

Fortunately with these Instant Windshield Tablets, you can just mix it in water to make your very own your own washer solution at the comfort of your home. This tablet is so much powerful and concentrated solute that only single tablet is sufficient to prepare a gallon of fluid. Its freezing point is equal to same freezing point that water has, that is about 32 degrees F. So it is recommended to have something like rubbing the alcohol in it if you need a solution that has lower freezing point. Its strength is also amazing because it can easily dissolve bugs and bird droppings in few seconds. When it is about toxicity, Instant Windshield Washer is a non-toxic solution and doesn’t harm the paint, wax or windshield frame of your car. It is perfect windshield washer for those who want an appropriate, convenient as well as cheap windshield washer solution.




Rain-X RX11806D Windshield Washer Fluid Additive

The best windshield washer wiper fluid additives that are available online, are manufactured by Rain-X. Particularly, this windshield fluid bottle comes in 16.9 fluid oz. size, which is a good quantity to allow you to prepare four gallons of its windshield washer.

Unlike other concentrated tablets and fluids, Rain-X RX11806D Windshield Washer Fluid will implant water-beading result over a period of time when you increasingly use this washer fluid on your car’s windshield. Be it is a sleet, ice, snow, road spray or bugs that you need to remove, this windshield washer fluid can do all the jobs for you. This is the statement we drawn from more 200 individual reviews we found online. We believe this one is best windshield washer fluid additive that can also tackle heavy crude.




SEMPER Quick Dissolve Windshield Washer Concentrated Packs

If you are able to provide your own distilled water, you can easily have around 5 full gallons of this windshield washer fluid additive for just 5 dollars. This windshield washer is quick dissolving as well as earth friendly because you don’t need to use plastic jugs.

How to use this windshield washer fluid is very easy and simple. Just what you need to do is to grab a pack of it and pour it directly into your windshield washer reservoir and from there you just need to top it off with water (preferably distilled). And yes you are done. Believe me for 5 dollars and possible for 6 months or more, it really worth of it.




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