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Best White Noise Machine Reviews 2023

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soundmachinereviAre feeling sleepless nights, get best white noise or sound machine. These are little fancy gadgets which plays audio in right frequencies to block external noise and induce sleep. Some creates sounds digitally by audio samples and other produce sound organically through internal fan. These sounds are just like theta, delta or alpha brainwaves that naturally encourage sleep. Moreover, sleep machines mask and block environmental noise through playing frequencies which match frequencies in the environment. Using these white noise machines are scientifically proven for inducing and improving sleep particularly for babies. They are quite portable depending what model you purchase therefore you can take them while traveling. As some may argue that an iPod can be used instead of sound machines, those individuals underestimate the convenience provided by these Sound Therapy Systems. Usually they have timers that slowly shut down the sound and music, rich speakers and audio samples, alarms to make you awake, and adaptive sounds to block or mask the noise in environment. These features aren’t available in an iPod. Here are the reviews for 3 best noise machines;


What is a White Noise Machine?

A white noise machine produces a sound that helps the listener to relax by minimizing the disturbing ambient noise. They produce sounds of all frequencies at equal intensity. Mostly, they produce sounds like a rushing waterfall, the wind blowing through the trees, rain, or waves. These serene sounds calm you, helping you fall asleep.

Yogasleep Dohm Classic White Noise Machine Review

Yogasleep Dohm Classic produces a soothing sound like air passing through the trees. This product creates a “pink noise,” which is more soothing than white noise. It helps you sleep peacefully by blocking other distracting sounds. It is also suitable to soothe babies.
Previously known as Sleep-mate, Yogasleep Dohm Classic comes with the following features:
 Fan-Based White Noise
 2 Speed Adjustments
 Volume Control
 Adjustable Tone
 8-foot 120V AC power cable (included)


• It is very easy to use. The technology is not complicated, thus making it user-friendly.
• It is highly effective for peaceful sleep, especially for babies.
• It can help you focus on your work or study as well.
• It is best for people who like fan-based white noise. And
• It comes with a limited warranty of one year.


• It is not suitable for very light sleepers because they might find it very loud even on the lowest setting, or in some cases, they think it is not loud enough.

Where to Buy the Yogasleep Dohm Classic?

The Yogasleep Dohm Classic White Noise Machine is available on Amazon at this Official Link.

Yogasleep Dohm Classic Price

After reviewing all the features, pros, and cons of the Yogasleep Dohm Classic white noise machine, we believe that it will improve your sleep patterns and increase your focus and productivity during work or study too. It is a high-quality product, which makes it worth buying.

Dreamegg White Noise Machine Review

Dreamegg white noise machine produces 11 different sounds, and these soothing sounds are great for relaxing babies and putting them to sleep. These sounds can provide a comfortable environment for you and your family by blocking the distressing sounds from your surroundings.
• It has a soft, warm, and adjustable night light.
• Its small size makes it portable, so you can install it anywhere.
• It is cordless and battery-operated.
• The battery is USB rechargeable.
• You can customize the timer, light brightness, and volume levels of sounds.
• It also comes with a child lock for safety.


• It is a user-friendly product.
• It is small, portable, and can be easily installed anywhere.
• The sounds include lullabies, so it is perfect for relaxing babies.
• It has a long-lasting battery.
• It has no hazardous cord.
• And because of the child-lock, you can leave this unattended with your child without worrying.


The reviews for Dreamegg white noise machine are quite positive on the whole, and it seems to be quite popular. Therefore, on the downside, we can say one thing it is often out of stock due to high demand from customers.

Where to Buy Dreamegg white noise machine?

It is available on Amazon. Here is the official link to purchase it.

Cost of Dreamegg white noise machine

Because of its so many useful features, it is a highly recommended product. The quality is great. It will help you beat stress and relax. Since it has many child-friendly features, it is perfect for new parents. It is perfect to use while traveling.

EasyHome White Noise Machine Review

EasyHome white noise machine helps you avoid disturbing sounds from your surroundings. It produces 30 different sounds, which are ideal for relaxing, sleeping, focusing on work, meditation, and other activities that demand focus and peace of mind. With this machine, you will have a variety of sounds for each specific task.

• EasyHome white noise machine has night lights of 12 different colors. These lights have 10 levels of brightness, so you can adjust them according to your comfort.
• It has 5 timers and memory functions, so you can easily regulate the timing as per desire.
• The sounds in the machine have 36 levels of volume, which will help you minimize the disturbing noises present in the surroundings.
• The machine has 8 control buttons and adjustable light and volume settings.


• It has a simple design and is easy to operate.
• The timer setting will help you set a routine for your kids and family.
• The soothing sounds can also be used for your pets.
• You will have so many options to select from.
• It can even help you deal with insomnia.
• It is very useful to pacify an upset baby.


• It comes with a long cord, so you will have to be more careful while using it for children.
• Sometimes, it’s hard for you to find your favorite sounds from a long list.

Where to Buy EasyHome White Noise Machine?

The EasyHome white noise machine is available on Amazon. Here is the official link to purchase it.

Cost of EasyHome White Noise Machine

After reviewing the features of this product, it is easy for us to say that it is also a really helpful product. It will help you a lot in increasing your focus and productivity during work. It will create a peaceful sleeping environment for you and your children. The quality is great, so it is worth buying

Meditation White Noise Machine Review

Meditation white noise machine produces 30 different natural soothing sounds, giving you a mesmerizing sound experience. These sounds will help you relax and will create a serene and comfortable environment for you to sleep. These sounds not only help you get better sleep, but they also allow you to increase your focus during work and study. Also, this product is also great for soothing babies.

It has 32 volume levels, allowing you to select your favorite one and adjust it according to your desired volume.
It also has a 12-color night light, which can also serve as a night lamp near your baby’s crib. This light is very soft and can be adjusted on any of the 10 levels of brightness. The machine has a unique design. It has:
• 4 timer settings
• Smart memory function
• Controlled by buttons
• Adjustable levels of sounds and light


• You can use the timers according to your routine.
• The night light is soft, which makes it perfect for babies.
• You will have a variety of sounds to select from.
• It is a safe-to-use product.
• It comes with a warranty period of 18 months.


• Because of its exquisite design, you may have to face some difficulty operating it.
• As it does not have a battery backup, you can only use it in places with electricity.

Where to Buy the Meditation White Noise Machine?

The meditation white noise machine is available on Amazon. You can purchase it at this official link.

Cost of Meditation White Noise Machine

Reviewing the features of this product, we believe that it is a handy device and will help you beat stress and insomnia. It is great for relaxing babies. It produces sounds and light of high quality and variety, which make it worth buying.

Momcozy White Noise Machine Review

Momcozy white noise machine produces 34 different sounds, including lullabies and nature sounds. Thus, it allows you to choose an ideal sound for any specific environment like work, study, and sleep. It helps you relax your mind and is also designed for soothing babies. So, you can use it as a sleep trainer for toddlers.
• Momcozy sound machine has an adjustable light, which is soft, so it can be used as a night light as well. The night light has seven colors.
• You can customize the sound, volume, color of light, and brightness according to your requirements.
• It also has a built-in timer and an alarm clock, so you can adjust its usage according to your own schedule.
• You can control it with an app remote control.
• It is battery-operated.


• It can be controlled by your mobile phone, which makes it very easy to use.
• It helps you regulate your child’s sleep-wake patterns.
• There are so many options of sounds for you to choose from.
• The battery is rechargeable, so there wouldn’t be any hazardous cord near your baby’s crib.
• While working or trying to sleep, you can use any sound that you find soothing.


• Its battery life is short, so you will have to recharge it frequently.
• The mobile app for the device is connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so it will only work within a limited distance.

Where to Buy Momcozy White Noise Machine?

It is available on Amazon. You can purchase it at this official link.

Cost of Momcozy White Noise Machine

We believe that it will help you in regulating your baby’s sleep patterns. It is a multi-purpose device, so you can use it in any way according to your needs. It has a good sound and light quality. It is a user-friendly product, and all these features make it worth spending money on it.

Tips for Choosing the Best White Noise Machine

It may not be very easy to choose a white noise machine, especially when you have so many good options. However, there are the following things you should look for while trying to find your best white noise machine.

Sound Options

There are many white noise machines that produce a variety of soothing sounds, so you should select the one that provides you with a wider variety of sounds of good quality. These machines can produce natural sounds like rain, waterfall, waves, wind rushing through trees, birdsongs, and many more. So choose according to your sound preferences.

Volume Options

Every person in a family does not like the same volume of a sound. You have to be especially careful when picking a white noise machine for your children, as they have very sensitive hearing, and hearing loud noise for long hours can be harmful to them. So, you should consider choosing a machine that offers a wide range of volume options.


If you want to take your white noise machine on your trips, you should consider buying a machine that is portable and is battery-operated because you cannot find an electric socket everywhere while traveling.

Light Options

The light from a white noise machine can be disturbing, so you should look for a machine that has a soft night light. Many have more than one color and come with many brightness options. So select according to your interest.


If you are looking for a one to adjust your sleeping routine, look for the one with timer settings. A white noise machine with timer settings will turn off at a specific time, thus saving the battery life.


Nowadays, these machines are available at many price ranges, and some are available at a very low price. However, you have to be careful while buying a machine for a very low price as it may have very low quality too. You can buy a good white noise machine at a range from $80 to $100.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about White Noise Machines

In our research, we found people asking the following questions quite often. To help you get all your answers, we have listed them here as FAQs.

What does “white noise” mean?

Noise that contains many frequencies of equal intensity is called “white noise.” White noises can block loud sounds that disturb your brain. So, it is recommended for sleep disorders like insomnia and other sleep difficulties.

Is white noise harmful?

White noises are generally safe but keep in mind not to listen to them on the highest volume for long hours, and especially be really careful when exposing white noise to babies.

Will white noise help me focus?

Yes, white noise will help you focus on your work by blocking interrupting sounds from your surrounding. It will create a work-friendly environment, which will increase your focus and productivity.

Is white noise good for anxiety?

Yes, white noise can help you overcome anxiety. It will calm your thoughts and help you get better sleep.
We hope you can find the best white noise machine after reading this review according to your specific requirements and budget.



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