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Best Tire Pressure Gauge

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tirepressureguagereviewIt is necessary to carry a tire pressure gauge in your car when you really need the accurate reading. Keeping your tires at right gauge is important for a stable drive, getting better mileage, increase traction, and make your tires long lasting. It is necessary to routinely check the tire pressure to ensure you can prevent from all types of hazards on road. When tires are over-inflated, you risk chance of them popping that result in fatal accidents. With tires low on pressure, it may become precursor to flat tire that could be hazardous on road. You need to ensure that you are using best tire pressure gauge to read as there isn’t anything than inaccurate reading that can really turn it into a risky situation. Usually, these gauge should be durable, accurate and flexible. It should have a chuck which is versatile and fit in to all types of valve stems with no leakages. It must be versatile and flexible enough to bend around and reach hard to reach spots. It must also be able to take beat and not crack on drop. As it will likely be in the car, it will get tossed frequently. Read these reviews for best tire pressure gauges before you hit the buy button.


Campbell Hausfeld MP6000 Tire Inflator with Gauge

tirepressure1It is the best on the market if you are looking for a chuck, an inflator and a gauge all in one. It is an intuitive and out of the box thing. Whenever you use inflator gun, you will have to hook it up for air supply. Yu can buy adaptors and extensions when air supply is far away or tire inflator doesn’t fit well. After connecting to air supply, you need to insert chuck in valve stem of tire. Remember that it isn’t necessary to be connected to air supply to take reading. PSI range is from 10 to 150 that is enough for anything from bicycle to truck tires. As soon as you insert chuck PSI needle jump to correct pressure reading. When you need to increase tire pressure, just squeeze inflator to let air in and gradually watch needle rise. When done just unhook the chuck. PSI should remain there until you press reset button that will release pressure in the gauge.

We really love accuracy this gauge offer and particularly appreciate that it is an analog device. We believe analog tire pressure gauge is best because you can compromise little bit accuracy with durability and peace of mind. Non-digital gauges usually never break down. And simply there isn’t any need to be as accurate as reaching the nearest decimal point which isn’t as useful as having the durable device with you. The point that we find annoying is that when you pump air in tires the needle of gauge will bounce a little and then get stabilized, however this isn’t a big issue and doesn’t detract from overall quality if this product.



Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

tirepressure2Accutire makes best digital tire pressure gauges. It you need incredibly precise reading within a handy and small device, then this is your gadget. It is accurate within 0.05 PSI and run through 3 Au76 watch batteries that you don’t need to replace before 6 months. It automatically get off in inactive condition for more than 30 seconds. It is a symbol of real craftsmanship and include a rubber incasing for protection. It also angled in a way that it can simply fit into all types of valve stems. Using it is quite easy and it comes ready out of the box. It doesn’t needs and calibration, just turn it on and check the reading by sticking into your tire’s valve stem. PSI Range for 5-150 and goes in 0.5 PSI Increments. This is enough for testing pressure of any tire, from a bicycle to a monster truck even. Its LCD display provides you digital reading and it rarely misread. But, it frequently malfunction, therefore you need a bit of compromise on reliability, and if you cannot go for an analog one. About durability, it has a rock solid build and nearly unbreakable. You can keep it in glove compartment without any botheration about tossed and turned in your car. Overall, Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge if you need accurate reading all the time.



Dan’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge

tirepressure3Dan’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge is a liquid filled gauge which is the leader in its category. It’s made with sound engineering and precision craftsmanship. Primarily, it is made of stainless steel and enclosed in rubber case. Its quality can be experienced when you pick it in your hands. It comes with 17 inch long hose which can swivel around 360 degrees and access to hard to reach stem valves. Its angled chuck helps you to mount it into tires valves which are 2 to 2.5 inches. Tire pressure gauge is extremely accurate because it is rated to 60 PSI as wells accurate to ANSI. We found no misreading and malfunction on it.

Dark side of it is just rated to 60 PSI so it doesn’t work of 18 wheelers or huge trucks. As most of us drive normal bikes and cars, Dan’s compensates this limitation by being truly good at accurate reading. Its dial face is 2.5 inch in diameter and filled with a liquid and it is completely analog device that means it doesn’t require any battery or electrical energy for operation. It comes with fine wall mount as well as small pen gauge in order to double check the reading. Dan’s Auto is renown brand and it’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge and other products are backed up with lifetime warranty as well as recommended by most if not all professional auto repair shops out there.



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