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Appropriate sleep is key to health. Unluckily, most people have sleep problems and cannot find real solution for this. Sleeping mask is best way to induce natural production of melatonin as well as it help sleep faster and better. Our body has natural internal biological clock or circadian rhythm which tells body it is time to go sleep and wake up. Usually at night there isn’t any light, body calm down in a natural way and we fall asleep. Sleep mask block most of lights from reaching our eyes and trick body and mind to think it’s night time and trigger the need to sleep. A Sleep mask is best alternative to drugs and medicine for sleep therapy. You can take them anywhere from hotel to long flight, lunch breaks or at home. Ear plugs or sleep machine can further help. Picking up the right sleeping masks can be difficult as all of them look and work in similar manner. However if you need to pick best sleep mask consider following factors like level of lights blocked, durability and comfort level.


Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

sleep-mask1For those looking for sleep mask at premium price, Tempur-Pedic is best. It feels nice, soft yet sturdy. Tempur-Pedic produce a huge line of fine but expensive products to improve sleep. It is made up of soft velvet which feels fluffy. A very durable Velcro strap on back will never wear down on go washing and it is adjustable to suit all sizes. Eye spots are actually hollowed to allow you to open the eyes without removing the mask. It doesn’t rub your eyelids and are padded in order to fit in your eyes. On testing Tempur-Pedic sleep mask we really like the feeling when it is put on. It’s lighter on skin. Only odd about it is that it have some weight therefore it is noticeable while you wear it on. Few people like lighter sleep mask. However it is durable, as frequent tossing and washing put no damage on it.

When it is about blocking light, it blocks light far better as compared to others. Thick padding on eyes absolutely don’t let any light in. Although not absolute darkness but it does good job. Having pitch black atmosphere is necessary for good sleep. However this mask isn’t very cheap and you have to pay premium for this brand. It is worth to pay few bucks extra to have great night sleep.



Sound Oasis GLO to SLEEP Deluxe Sleep Mask

sleep-mask2To have best sleeping mask with alternative way to induce sleep, have Sound Oasis. Rather trying to block all the light, it creates dim blue light by its own. This light is technically proven for slowing the brain functions. To create this light you need to expose it to any source of light fro couple of minutes. Blue light gradually get dim and then fade away, however hopefully with time you reached hypnotic state and start sleeping. It controls to regulate brightness of light and time is taken for light for completely getting dim. Moreover, mask does not need any batteries because light is created from chemical reactions. For those who don’t like this light can simply don’t use this light function and use it as a regular mask. This is light is extremely soothing, although it seems to be strange initially. We aren’t sure whether it really helps or not but it is not annoying at least.

About its design, it is quite comfortable with adjustable strap on back as well as completely fits around eyes and not too much heavy to hurt you. Although Tempur-Pedic is more comfortable, Sound Oasis not very far behind. About light blocking it does fine job. It blocks most if not all the light, just a little bit sneaks from sides. Sound Oasis is obviously comparable with Temper-Pedic however its blue light feature takes it step ahead. Generally if you need best sleeping mask which is quite different from others, Sound Oasis is your pick.



Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask

sleep-mask3The Bedtime Bliss is best sleeping mask which is cheap, light weight, flexible and portable. Its material is slightly harder than other, however isn’t annoying or irritating to the skin. It include a fine contoured region for eyes to avoid rubbing against eyelids. Its fit is nice, however we expect somewhat better. It isn’t as comfy as Tempur-Pedic and Sound Oasis. However it is also nothing which is too annoying or repulsive.

About blocking light, to perform decently, really better than expectations. As its fit was not anything to talk big about, but we consider the ability of blocking light was alike. But, we were satisfyingly surprised because it perform greatly for blocking the light out. It can be kept on par to Sound Oasis. About durability it loses some shape after some washes, however again as it is a affordable mask so you can buy a few when one becomes dirty. It also comes with ear plugs and carrying case. Bed Time Bliss Sleep Mask is good for public places, particularly on long flights. We consider Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask is best for those who need great bang for cheap price.

ALASKA BEAR – 2 straps natural silk sleep mask, stay on my face all night (Lifetime Warranty

Alaska Bear sleep mask is smooth to skin and also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. It is made from Mulberry silk, the fabric of emperors and most elegant among silks with smoother touch and luminous sheen. Its 2 strap type efficiently avoid mask from slip off while you turn or toss. It also features a dual tension adjustable bands to alleviate pressure on the eyes. Its pure silk material assist in relaxing muscles, retain moisture, as well as reduce fine line appearance. It also relieve migraine and insomnia while promoting blood circulation. It effectively block out light to restore rest and relaxation and helps your body to produce appropriate melatonin hormone to produce sound and natural sleep.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask

With complete light elimination and built-in sound reduction muffling, Sleep Master is the best combination or in one sleep mask. Its soft and cool, light weight, durable, comfortable and breathable fabric fit and create relaxing effect fast inducing amazingly refreshing and deep sleep. It is a user friendly, light, easy to carry, one size fits all and simple sleeping mask. Unlike other that only cover the eyes, this sleeping mask comfortably surround your head, and cover your ears with Velcro strips, to block light and muffling sound. It is durable, washable and hygienic. It has a synthetic outer layer with cotton at internal shell. No Latex used in it and it is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
CPAP users and reviewers says that Sleep Master fits well when combine with CPAP. All in all Sleep Master is a far superior as compared to other sleeping masks. It is more hygienic and can last for many washes.


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