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oven-cleaners-reviewsCleaning oven is long and difficult task. The best oven cleaner can reduce the time and effort you have to put in. Most household cleaners don’t get job done when applied on oven. The oven is the dirtiest part of any kitchen. When you bake anything the fat and grease spill over on it and if you don’t clean it immediately, this oil, fat and grease gets harden and becomes severely tough to remove with ordinary cleaners. Therefore, oven cleaner is usually made from industrial grade chemicals that smell harsh and also sensitive to the skin. You must definitely take necessary precautions while using oven cleaner and must wear gloves.

There are three ways you can clean your oven: using the best oven cleaner, using a homemade solution, or calling over a professional. In terms of homemade solutions, lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar are the most used products. They are good in that they are not expensive and there is no risk of harming your skin or creating fumes.

You can choose from 3 options to clean your oven, call a professional, use oven cleaner or use any homemade solution. Lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda are main products that are available at home. These items are cheap and you can work with them without any risks of harming your skin and fumes. But the downsides are they never clean serious stains and need vigorous scrubbing.

You can call a professional also if you don’t have time or you are a lazy person who cannot afford such labor work. But the downside is the cost of hiring a professional. The industrial scale oven cleaners is another option. These cleaners are strong enough to eliminate toughest grease and stain and those which are not harmful to your skin and oven as well. Oven cleaners comes in liquid, foam or gel form. Usually they are applied and leave for 1 or 2 hours. The chemicals in that cleaner react with stains, dirt and grease and dissolve them, which you can wipe off after some time.


Easy Off Professional Fume Free Oven Cleaner Aerosol

oven-cleaner-1Easy Off Fume Free is the best cleaner for oven especially for those looking for aerosol spray which smells great and safest cleaner for their oven. Although it is meant to clean ovens, it can also clean boilers, grills, stainless steel pans, and many other things that can get grease on them. Easy Off fume Free doesn’t emit harmful chemicals. It is safe for you and you house. As we must agree that the oven cleaners that emit fumes, are flammable and full of harsh chemicals are capable to clean those stubborn grease, we consider that this trade-off is worthless. Easy Off can do 75 percent of job with no risk associated with strong industrial grade cleaners.

It is safe for self-cleaning ovens and you can use it without gloves, though we still suggest to wear gloves. It has fresh lemon fragrances that makes it different from competition. In terms of efficiency, you can find many other products that dissolve the grease but in the end you need to wipe them off with towel. For all purposes and intents, Easy Off perfectly does the job to remove grease, and you only have to work for last stubborn 25 percent which doesn’t go easily. But since Easy Off is extra safe, it is the best product in terms of output and risk.



Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner

oven-cleaner-2If you need the most powerful solution, Mr. Muscle is the one. With this you can rest assured to see your oven cleaner clean and spotless. Just spray this all over, when your oven is cold and close it. Wait for 1 to 2 hour so that chemicals can react with grease and then dry it off. After this just wipe off the excess, grease and gunk will come easily. Ensure to wear gloves before you apply it because it contain industrial grade chemicals that react with skin and dry the hands severely. It is designed for interior of oven, so don’t use for oven doors and anything outside, such microwaves and self-cleaning ovens. You have to pay extra attention for safety because Mr. Muscle isn’t an average oven cleaner. It leaves no residue each time when you spray it. It has harsh fumes and it don’t have good smell. However it is best if you want clean and spotless oven every time.

The main advantage with Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner is that it is a self-scrubbing cleaner. Chemicals in this formula are so strong to break and dissolve the bonds in stains and harden grease. You can easily wipe it off because all the grease and stains are completely dissolve in the solution. You don’t need to work hard scrubbing the remaining. We also think that Mr. Muscle work excellent on everything made from stainless steel. overall this is the best cleaner to remove 100% of grease and stains and have a spotless clean oven each time. However you are sacrificing the safety with this industrial grade strong cleaner, but remember you can’t have best of both worlds.



Delta Carbona Bio Oven Cleaner

oven-cleaner-3Delta Carbona is best cleaner for oven especially for those who are looking or biodegradable solution to clean ovens and other appliances made from stainless steel. This oven cleaner is capable to break down the grease through natural processes in basic components that are environment friendly. It is safest and fume free formula which is 1st SCS certified biodegradable formula for oven cleaner. As it is not flammable it can be used on hot oven, as well as toaster and microwave. Actually it is the main competitor to Easy Off. However it also have pros and cons. Bio is completely fume free. It comes in gel form which clings to oven walls and interior while the Easy Off is yet aerosol and emits some fumes. About smell Easy Off is still ahead with lemon scent but Delta Carbona is odor less. Well here being odor less is slightly beneficial because it is safe for your food. In terms of efficiency Easy Off better dissolve the stains and grease, however it longer and on the other hand Delta Carbona Bio is faster. Either way, you are right with Easy Off and Delta Carbona Bio if you are searching for safe and efficient combination. Delta is bit safer because it is completely biodegradable, however it requires some hard job of scrubbing the remains of grease.



Astonish Cleaning Paste

Astonish Oven or Cookware cleaner paste is specifically designed for the home use. This superb oven cleaner can clean all types of porcelain, enamel, cookware, ovens and patio furniture. It is very mildly abrasive and you must take care while using it on delicate surfaces to prevent scratches. Unplug the electrical appliances and then follow the instruction given in the package. It is very simple and easy to use, just read the package. Apply it with damp nylon pad, rub it well and rinse clean. If you need to clean the heavy grease or burnt areas apply it with a dry nylon pad. It is suitable for Rayburn/Aga ovens, however avoid it if you have stainless steel lids.

For glass ceramic stoves apply it with damp cloth and then rinse clean it. Don’t pressure to the markings on glass. For tiles, sinks and tubs apply with damp cloth, rub a little and then rinse clean it. It is not suitable for acrylic or plastic baths.



Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Oven Rack And Barbeque Cleaner 500ml

Carbona’s 2 in 1 oven rack and grill pad cleaner is an effective and safe way to clean tough food residue, grease or burnt areas of your oven racks as well as barbeque grills (enamel or stainless steel). It is as easy, simple and quick. Just bag the racks, fill solution into that bag, then wait for couple of minutes, and then rinse clean. It really makes a messy routine as easier as possible. This innovative and unique oven cleaner will save you time and energy. No need to turn on the grill or oven to remove of dirt.

It comes with a cleaning fluid 500 ml or 16.8 fl oz. , disposal gloves and rack cleaning bag.