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grout-cleaner-reviews-2016Are you looking for best way to clean grout, or looking for best grout cleaner? You are at right place! No one likes dirty grout lines on the floor and understand how tedious it is to clean the grout. If you can find the best grout cleaner you can improve the looks of your home, increase its market value and prevent it from germs.

Grout is a glue type material made from water, sand and cement that seal and holds tiles together. It gets discolored with time because dirty water goes through these lines. Additionally germs also grow in these linings and causes major health risks.

A grout cleaner either have bleach, acid or base as its ingredient. Acidic solutions contain either strong ingredients like Hydrochloric acid or weaker ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice. With acid based cleaner you don’t need to put more efforts because they are extremely reactive. However, with such grout cleaner there is wide chance of damaging the material of the floor. In contrast basic solutions are gentle with tiles and can freely be applied without any worries.

Bleach based grout cleaners are most powerful. But if not used correctly, they can seriously damage and discolor your floor as well as yourself.

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Tilex Grout Pen

Tilex Grout Pen is the best grout cleaner which is easy to use to clean the targeted areas. If you need a quick fix or only want a touch up, this grout is perfect. It is made from bleach so you need to be careful while using it. Among all pen type grout cleaner, Tilex is the best. It certainly is than the Miracle Grout Pen because it cleans the grout with minimal odor. The best thing is that it is cost effective and available at almost all retail shops.

It can be used for the small spots in toilet and shower. For cleaning bigger project, you may need to use something else. Pen is a hands-off solution, where you don’t need to scrub too much. Just apply thin layer of it over the dirty grout and wait till the bleach reacts with it to dissolves the debris and dirt inside grout lines. Remember to prevent it from kids and pets because the ingredients are quite lethal.

Pros of Tilex Grout Pen

  • It is Portable
  • It is best for spot cleaning
  • The bleaching agent used in it is Powerful
  • It is Inexpensive

Cons of Tilex Grout Pen

  • Harmful if used incorrectly
  • Not suitable for cleaning entire house




Hoover Grout Plus

The Hoover Grout Plus is best for medium grade debris. It is the best seller it is relatively cheaper and its acid based solution works better than other and there isn’t any need of scrubbing. For a bigger area, it is better than Tilex. But, there are some pitfalls like you cannot use it on the floor made from stone, marble and granite because it can damage such floors. For such situation StoneTech Klenz All is the best option.

As discussed with many users and professional grout cleaners, we found Hoover was preferred by 70 percent of users who credited this product as the best cleaner for the value. It is cheap as well as long lasting.

Pros of The Hoover Grout Plus

  • Best for large scale cleaning projects
  • Preferred by professionals
  • Strong acid based cleaner

Cons of The Hoover Grout Plus

  • Not suitable for floors made of stone, granite or marble.



StoneTech Klenz All Grout Cleaner

StoneTech Klenz All is best for a professional cleaning and it can be used on all surfaces. As its ingredient in alkaline base, it is comparatively non-reactive to granite, marble, or colored tiles. For full scale projects, you can freely apply StoneTech Klenz All everywhere without any worries of damaging floor. Indeed it can be put on mop and applied anywhere. It saves your time and your back as well because you don’t need to get on your knees or hunch over for cleaning.

Aqua Mix is its biggest rival, but StoneTech is a bit superior. It soaks up more debris and dirt, and it is cheaper and available at most retail stores. It is diluted before use as it comes in concentrated form. It is a DuPont product, which is a big and trustable name. Most professionals consider it as a powerful product that is very gentle to your tiles. The only negative side is that you need to do some extra work to dilute the concentrate. In general All in all, StoneTech Klenz All is the perfect grout cleaner for bigger projects.

Pros of StoneTech Klenz All

  • Its basic ingredient makes it usable on all types of surfaces
  • Can be used for cleaning the entire home

Cons of StoneTech Klenz All<

  • Must be diluted before using
  • As compared to acidic based option it is not very strong




Ultimate Grout Cleaner by Black Diamond

ultiamte-grout-cleanerIf you are still looking for the perfect grout cleaner, then you should definitely take a look at the ultimate grout cleaner. There are many features and advantages of using the ultimate grout cleaner. It is acid free formula that is safe for both white and coloured grouts. The acid free formula will ensure that your surface which you are cleaning the grout will not be damaged or discolored by the acid, which is present in some grout cleaner. Also this grout cleaner will ensure that the grout is well cleaned off the surface as it provides a deep cleanse of the grout surface for an effective cleaning. This grout cleaner can easily clean grease, food spill, dirt which can be stubborn and also soap scum. But one thing you should keep in mind that this grouts cleaner shouldn’t be used for calcium or water spots. This product is made of USA. It is quite easy to clean the surface using this grout cleaner and you can use it with a grout steam cleaner.



Black Diamond Stoneworks Stone and Tile Intensive Cleaner

stonewroks-granite-cleanerIf you are looking for an effective and intensive cleaner, then you should definitely take a look at this cleaner, Stone and tile intensive cleaner. As the name already suggests, this cleaner will provide your floor or surface with a deep and effective cleansening that is safe for all types of surface such as polished or honed surfaces. Also this deep cleaner doesn’t use any type of harsh chemicals and abrasive such as acid or petroleum solvents as acids or petroleum solvents can damage the look and alter the natural colour of the floor surface. Although this cleaner is super strong, it is also super safe for use as already mentioned. With 32 oz, you can easily make about 8 galleons. It can be used on a variety of floor such as marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and slate, ceramic and also porcelain tiles. It is very easy to use as well. Also there is no unwanted and harsh odor otherwise it would be very unpleasant to clean with. Also there is a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work.



What should you look for when purchasing a grout cleaner?

These are some effective tips you can follow when you are going to purchase a grout cleaner:

  • Make sure the grout cleaner is odor free and is free of any toxic chemical. If it is not odor free then it is very difficult to work and clean with the grout cleaner. Also the grout cleaner will not be safe if it contains any toxic chemicals.
  • Check what type of floors the grout cleaner can clean as if it is not used on the appropriate floor as mentioned, it can damage the floor.
  • Don’t use any grout cleaner that comes with acid formula. Acid is corrosive and it can damage the floor surface.
  • Check whether the grout cleaner offers deep cleansening as it will be easier to clean the floor or the surface.