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Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Reviews Summary:

garage-floor-epoxy-coatingAmong so many products for garage floor paint or floor epoxy coating, finding the best one is a nightmare, especially when several of them are labeled with deceptive marketing. You must use best one to keep your garage as well as vehicles clean and new. Most of dust comes from concrete in ground, therefore it is necessary to apply a coat over concrete floor to seal it.

Generally garage floor treatments comes in 3 categories, epoxy paint, epoxy coating and paint and are often confused with each other, however all are entirely different. Because of this confusion most companies market All In One Products. Best is the latex acrylic product which is usually a hassle free cheap solution which gives new life to your garage floor. Next is epoxy paint that is a mix of epoxy and paint. Most DIY solutions are sold in this form and are relatively cheap and easier to apply. Pure epoxy is made from polyamine hardener and epoxy resin mixed together while applying. There is a limited temperature and time range to apply epoxy. The thickness of remaining coat depends on the quantity of solid content remained after cures. 100% solid product means 100% will remain after cured. Most epoxy paints are 50% solids, that means, 50% of thickness of coating evaporates and difficult to work with. This is because of high viscosity and short time range to apply it. Floor coating thickness is measured in mils i.e. 1 thousands mils = 1 inch. Best product gives around 3 mils of thickness as it as maximum 50% solids. You can add 1 or 2 layers to make it 6 or 9 mils respectively. Best floor epoxy is 10 mils which means 100% solid. For extra thickness and long lasting effect an acrylic paint chips can be added to it. In addition you can also add 1 or 2 layers of epoxy clear coating. One must apply primer before applying garage floor coating. Primer allows epoxy coating to bond better with concrete as wells seep into pores. Overall ultimate combination that give a long lasting 20 years or more 40 plus mils thickness is primer coat, followed by actual epoxy, with acrylic paint chips on top and 2 layers of clear epoxy coating on top.

Still the question remains, what to choose epoxy or paint? It totally depends on the budget and protection level required. The main purpose of this solution is to trap dust in concrete floors and save it from making garage and your car dirty. It’s good to have clean shiny floors and prevent bacteria and dirt that can crack or damage it. No doubt, best floor epoxy will work best to coat floors, however paint is a cheaper and easy to apply solution. So decide over your own preferences.


Rust-Oleum Professional Floor Coating Kit

Rust-Oleum Professional Coating Kits are best garage epoxy coating for those who want semi industrial strength epoxy at an reasonable cost. Don’t confused it with Rust-Oleum’s Epoxys Shield Concretes Floor Paints that is a weaker version floor paint. This coating kit has a 2 parts solvent based epoxy coatings that is clear upgrade from 1- part epoxy coating cheaper products. It is 85 percent solids that means most coating is preserved. The output a floor with thicker coat. Epoxy coatings with a higher percentages of solid content are better when it is about durability and thickness of coating.

Although it isn’t 100 percent solid similar to most professional industrial grade epoxy coatings it’s close enough to be in major leagues. A 2 gallon jug of it can over around 300 to 400 square ft. area (supposing 15 percent of loss due to evaporation). This is sufficient most 2 car garage floors. Unlike various usual garage floor paints, Rust-Oleum is best at resisting peeling, hot tire marks, build-up of mold and mildew, and oil stains.

Applying Rust Oleum is slightly tricky, however patience can help. First ensure the surface is smooth and even, otherwise you can sand down patches till they become even. If there are larger gaps use concrete fillers. For new floors, allow a month before applying it. As soon as you prepped the application on floor, mix the solution with power mixer. After this follow instruction on the label to know how long to wait. Use a roller and just 1 coat is enough. Remember, with temperatures and other conditions, apply mixture 2 – 5 hours after mixing it. Overall Rust Oleum is one of the best garage floor epoxy for its value that comes from trusted brand and gives outstanding outcomes at cheap cost. For better ones hire professional coating services or buy expensive epoxy.




Epoxy-Coat Full Kit

For those looking for 100% professional grade solid epoxy coating, Epoxy Coat Full Kit is best. It isn’t exactly a popular name, however it provides excellent protection. Most if not all, industrial professional epoxy coatings aren’t marketed much as they are bought by professionals. In situations you do not know a 100 percent solids epoxy coat is best type of epoxy coating available as it means 100 percent of solids will be there after applying and nothing will be evaporated and wasted. Therefore only one coat is enough and for sure it will be thick 10 mils at least.

It comes with all essential professional DIY coating tools like rollers, brushes, and DVD instructional video. It doesn’t need multiple coating. Remember if doesn’t come with top coating therefore you need to buy it separately or take Epoxy Coats Premium Package Bundle. But for all purposes, we consider it is compulsory to apply top coat unless you need to go overboard for your garage floor coating. If you need best garage floor epoxy that is used by professionals and a comprehensive DIY solution for your garage floor, this one is the perfect solution and value for your money because it last for longer. It is easier to apply and you get 100 percent of solids and nothing is waste due to evaporation.




Drylok Epoxy Paint

For those who need Garage Floor Paint, you should go for Drylock Epoxy Paint. Remember it is just floor paint so don’t confused it with epoxy coating. It is 1 part epoxy that means it is epoxy and paint mixture. But it cannot be completely classify as real epoxy coating product as it is simply too weak and gives only 50 percent solids. It means that after you apply and cure, only 50 percent or less will remain and 50 percent will evaporate. So you end up with thin layer which is not more than 3 mils in thickness. While it is cheaper alternative to those 100 percent solids epoxy, the durability is not that good. If you need hassle free application process you should go for garage floor paint, if you never mind reapplying the mixture in near future and if you want to save some of your bucks. Drylok, will not save your garage from hot tire marks, grease stains and tough oil. Moreover it is a bit keen on peeling. As it is not a real epoxy coating don’t have higher expectations from it. A garage paint is not as good as epoxy, however it won on ease of application and cost.




Anvil Gator Grip Anti Slip Floor Coating & Bonding Primer, Dover gray, 1 Gallon

anvil-garage-floor-epoxyIf you are looking for the best floor coating, then you should definitely take a look at Anvil gator Grip anti slip Floor coating and bond primer in one, Dover gray, 1 gallon. The Anvil gator grip slip floor coating and bonding primer in one, Dover gray, 1 Gallon is specially formulated to be used on both the interior and the exterior that is either painted or not painted surfaces of concrete such as residential driveways and carports, patios, residential garage floors etc. This floor coating also comes with a technologically advanced formulation that combines both the durability of the epoxy coating and the primer in one single place. The texture based finish of the product is bare foot friendly as it is anti slip floor coating and is also very easy to keep clean. Also this product is effectively formulated to chemicals from the automobiles such as oils, grease or gasoline. There are also other several advantages of using this floor coating as it is non flammable, environmentally safe and also has low odor compared to other floor coating. Also it will prevent any type of weather damages and imperfection to the floor surface.




Quickrete Garage Floor 2 Part Epoxy Gray Kit

quickrete-garage-epoxyLooking for the perfect garage floor coating? Then you should definitely take a look at Quickrete Garage Floor 2 part epoxy gray kit. If your floor has lost the past gloss finish, then this is the right product to be used to recover the lost gloss finish. The Quickrete Garage Floor 2 part epoxy gray kit will provide a high gloss finishing to the floor and it will also provide the expected durability along with super adhesion. This will effectively eliminate the pickup of hot tire. There is no hassle if you are planning to use this floor coating as this epoxy gray kit can be used immediately after mixing the required components of the kit. This epoxy gray kit can cover one car standard sized garage floor up to 250 sq feet. If you are looking for a two car sized garage floor of a standard size, then you should order 2 Quickrete Garage floor 2 part epoxy gray kit and for oversized size, order 3 of these kits. This is a complete kit and you can also add flakes if you prefer such type of look.




What should you consider before purchasing Garage Floor Epoxy Coating?

These are some of the things you should consider before purchasing a floor coating that will come useful to you:

  • You should always check how much the epoxy floor coating will coat the surface floor. If you don’t check it, then after purchase you may find that the epoxy floor coating is not sufficient for coating the whole of the floor.
  • Check for the other features such as whether the floor coating provides the floor with anti skid or anti slip and whether you can walk on the floor barefoot.
  • Check the features of the epoxy floor coating such as: weather protect, easy to clean etc. Floor surfaces can get damaged over time due to the changing weather cycle and also many floors are not easy to clean after using certain floor coating. So these are some important features that you should not overlook.