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Best Fetal Doppler

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fetal-doppler-reviewIt’s amazing to be pregnant. It’s pivotal point for you as well as you baby. With best baby fetal Doppler, you can snoop on your baby monitoring its heart beat. Although medically unnecessary, it serves as early link between you and baby. It help you to get in touch with baby and monitor its heart rate as soon as there are irregularities which need to be solved.

After 6 weeks, your baby’s heart start to beat, however recommended at least 12 weeks before starting to monitor it with heartbeat fetal Doppler. Actually heart rate fluctuates severely in first few weeks, we suggest to use fetal Doppler for extended time periods as it is yet unproven how ultrasounds affect the fetus. Normal range of baby’s heartbeat in fetus is 120-160 beats/minute after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Most heartbeat monitors have heart rate indicator on their display and sound as a series of dashing beats. When heart beats are noticeably above or below normal range, discuss it with the doctor.

Using fetal Doppler is simple and can be bought as over the counter from a drug store. Apply ultrasound gel to the skin and touch the belly with probe attached to the fetal Doppler. Initially, it starts picking the static. Fetal Doppler usually includes built in speakers to help you hear everything that probe picks. You need to move probe around the belly until you hear steady beat. Make sure to touch your skin at all times without applying too much of pressure. It works by emitting the high frequency sound waves which bounce back as soon as it detects any movement. Working of ultrasounds is similar to echolocation, just like the way bats or dolphins figure out the location of objects without seeing them. When sound waves are bounced back, Doppler calculates time taken bounce back and transforms them into amplified movement through speakers.

Fetal Doppler or heart beat monitor comes in various sizes and shapes. About features look for the type of probe attached, heart rate display, probe frequency and adaptability to smart phones. For the type of probe, you either opt waterproof or standard ones. Waterproof probes are useful for water bath birth. About probe frequency, most are in 2 to 3 MHz range. For overweight individuals particularly or for those who have retroverted uterus, 5 MHz probes are recommended. A 3 MHz probe is good for those who need to detect it at early stages i.e. 8 to 10 weeks. Ultimately, some modern day baby fetal Doppler have features to connect to smartphones to download and save information and even project live ultrasound from smartphones.


Cobely Pocket Baby Heart Monitor

fetal-doppler-1When need professional grade fetal Doppler, Cobely Pocket is perfect, because it is a portable machine that has similar technology as in the hospitals. There aren’t any fancy gimmick with this brand. It doesn’t sing the lullabies and does not look cute. What displayed is what you get, and that is a solid reliable ultrasound machine. We prefer it over other cute looking fetal Doppler as it is has built in speakers and gives precision accuracy on its LCD display. Loudspeaker attached is convenient s you do not need to wear headphones for hearing your baby’s acts. An output for headphones is also there if you do not want to disturb others. LCD display is fine, visible and has a nice professional touch. When you detect a heartbeat, LCD displays heartbeat icon that is perfect for separating true from false beasts. A battery power display is also there on LCD screen.

Cobely has various features that set it apart from its competition. It works in 3 different modes that is thrice more than any of its contender. One mode is real time heart beat display that is shown in beats/minute. The other is for those who need to see heart rate over an average period that is more reliable measurement. Third lets you set start and stop times for calculating average rate over time you chose. Probe itself is 3 MHz water resistant, that means it safe from any damage of ultrasound gel. You can connect it with computer to download and save audio therefore you can play it back later. Entire mechanism is portable and can be run on battery. After testing all heart beat monitors, Cobley appears to be the best. Although a new product in market, it is loaded with a slew of useful features and precision accuracy. It is usually very frustrating to have find baby’s heartbeat because process takes long time. Placenta also creates beating sounds and therefore can be mistaken as heartbeat. The autodetection display in this device allow you to make sure what you are listening is actual heartbeat and eliminate all the false positives. For those who are looking for best heart beat monitor that has accurate LCD display and loudspeaker, Cobley Baby Heartbeat monitor is best.



Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic

fetal-doppler-2We consider the Womb machine is the best fetal doppler if you want just a simple device that works without breaking down. In terms of working properly for long periods of time, this device is at the top of the pack. Compared to the competition, we generally found Womb machines to function longer without breaking down. There are lots of small brands out there with questionable devices that either do not detect heartbeats correctly, have a lot of distortion, or break down easily. The Womb has none of these flaws. The only thing we would have hoped the womb has is a heartbeat display or light that turns on when a real heartbeat is detected. There is a lot of junk you need to filter through when trying to find your baby’s heartbeat and it would be much easier with some kind of auto detection system in place.

It is best fetal Doppler if you need a simple device. About working properly for longer period of time, it is at the top and function longer without breaking down as compared to its counterpart. There are various smaller brands with questionable devices which either don’t detect heartbeats accurately, have lots of distortion or break down soon. This fetal Doppler has no such complains. The only thing we found negative is its heart beat display or light gets on when real heartbeat is found. You need to filter lot of junk through while finding your baby’s heartbeat and this can be easier with an auto detection feature.



Angelsounds Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener

fetal-doppler-3Anglesounds is another best option after the Womb Monitor. It is also simple yet effective portable device which is used to monitor baby’s movements, heartbeats, and kicks. Be aware that there aren’t any fancy features in it, like heart rate display and detection system. However most individuals do not care for these. Rather, they need a simple device that works perfectly to detect the baby’s sound. It is a great way to spend time with your unborn baby.

As we like to put Cobely Baby Heartbeat monitor on the tip, the Womb and Angelsounds are neck to neck. Both of them are simple yet great ultrasound gadgets to detect baby’s heartbeat. Both comes with similar features with just one set of headphones.



Summer Infant Fetal Doppler – Best Heart to Heart Prenatal Listening System for Your Money

If you need the best and latest technology fetal Doppler without paying a fortune, Summer Infant Fetal Doppler is the best Heart to Heart Parental Listening system for your money. Summer Infant can be used as a gift for any would-be-mom who is nearest or dearest to you. Its monitor display is very easier to use. It very comfortable. The battery operated unit are free with this fatal Doppler. There is a built in speaker along with 2 sets of ear plugs for you and your loved one. A comfortable adjustable belt is their which holds monitor snugly on your belly. An easy on/off button is also there so that you can hear your baby’s heartbeats, kicks and hiccups.

Although it is cheap, comfortable and comes with many freebies like 2 ear buds to allow dad and mom or any other person who is your nearest and dearest can listen simultaneously, it is a kind of product that is not best for everyone because moving it can cause interference. However this device is completely non-invasive and safe for all the stages of pregnancy.



Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope – Best Cheap Fetal Doppler

Before fatal dopplers were invented, stethoscopes were used to listen baby’s heart beat inside the womb, similarly effect of listening can be experienced by using a Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscopes. It is a medical grade equipment that are used by doctors, however it is easier to use and affordable as compared to the doctor’s stethoscope.

This device has high acoustic sensitivity. It is also durable and has a compact design with a high quality single lumen tubing. It is engineered in a way to give superior auscultation of fetal heart and it is equipped with chrome plated brass stem and binaural. 22 inch black tubing can be shortened with east to allow use of headrest. It is very much precise and you can use it easily. It need no batteries. It comes with a firm rubber earpieces which are comfortable yet sturdy.



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