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drivewaysealerreview2016A driveway sealer protects your driveway from the damages that occur because of harsh weather, mildew, freeze-thaw harm, road salts, algae, mold, and the like. With time, minor cracks are created on the driveways because of severe weather or leaks and if it is not sealed properly, mildew, oil spills, mold, and other harmful chemicals can seep into the cracks. This can disfigure of the driveway and develop even larger cracks. With best driveway sealers, these problems can be solved, your driveway will look sleeker and newer again. Because it is very costly to replace driveway, applying driveway sealer is a bit cheaper way to solve this issue.

There are 2 different types of driveways: blacktop or asphalt and concrete that are just identified designed to perform effectively on particular types of driveway. Therefore be careful while choosing the right type of driveway sealer.
Topical/coating sealers settle on the top of driveway and create a layer of protection while penetrating sealers enters into the driveway and pour the cracks or gaps in it. Both types offer their own cons and pros however penetrating sealers perform better and protects for a longer period of time. The compromise with penetrating sealer is that these types of sealers are usually costly and need more efforts and time to apply.



Top 10 Driveway Sealers

NameBrandArea CoveragePrice 
driveway-sealer-1  E-Z Stir Driveway Asphalt Filler/Sealer Henry Company250 sq ft $45.28 More Details
  RUST-OLEUM 247471 Epoxy Blacktop Coating Rust-Oleum250 sq ft$62.08 More Details
  DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer RadonSeal®600 - 750 sq ft$144.00 More Details
  SX5000™ Penetrating Clear Solvent-Based Silane-Siloxane Concrete & Masonry SealerFoundation Armor500 sq ft$224.75 More Details
  Cofair 609MD Asphalt Repair Fabric, Black Cofair4.5 sq ft$12.29 More Details
  Clear Penetrating Professional Grade Water Repellent SealerRainguard International500 sq ft$144.00 More Details
  Eagle Sealer EU5 Clear Supreme SealEagle Sealer900 sq ft$95.79 More Details
  StoneTech Heavy Duty Sealer for Natural StonesDuPont15 - 100 sq ft $14.99 More Details
  LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer RadonSeal® 750 - 1000 sq ft $219.00 More Details
  NanoPave Hardscape Sealer - Gloss, Wet Look FinishTechniSoil 750 - 1000 sq ft $159.99 More Details


Henry Company E-Z Stir Driveway Asphalt Sealer/Filler

Company E-Z Stir Asphalt Filler and sealer is best. With this 5 gallons barrel you get black colored asphalt filler, which fills in the small cracks up to 1/8th of 1 inch size deep. One gallon is enough for 500 square foot space that is area of usual family driveways.

Applying it is also very easy. Just mix this solution for about 5 minutes and apply its thin layer on your driveway with a mop or brush. Leave it for just 4 hours to dry. When apply this just be careful to choose a day which is not rainy.

While the filling capacity, sealing power, and durability of this sealer is not very much impressive. We test it for water bead and found that water beads up on the surface right after its application however it found to lose its efficacy after 6 months. The best and often overlooked part about Henry is its ease of use. It doesn’t have any harsh odors and it is non-toxic and VOC compliant. Moreover it is not much runny or thick, so it gives a nice and even coat without the risks of spots and foot prints. All in all, Henry E-Z Stir Driveway Asphalt Sealer is best for asphalt driveway which is not too cracked or damaged and when you need fast and easy way out.




Rust-Oleum Epoxy Blacktop Coating

Rust-Oleum Depoxy Blacktop is best for asphalt driveway sealer that lasts for longer. Rust-Oleum performs better than Henry Company. However its application is not that easy. It comes in only two gallons so you have less error margin as compared to Henry’s whopping five gallons. So you really have to apply a much thinner coat over the asphalt. Because of this reason we suggest to first seal the bigger cracks with driveway crack fillers and then apply Rust-Oleum.

Its acrylic based formulae gives a fine solid black finish that covers area of about 800 square feet if you know how to use it without any overusing. It has a darker color than the Henry and it matches to almost all Asphalt. It comes with a 10 years warranty that is much more than any other product in the market. All in all, Rust-Oleum is good sealer that lasts for long, has a darker shade of color black and perform well to fill the cracks. The only pitfall we found was that it is a bit costly because it comes in very less quantity.




DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

DryWay is best for brick and concrete driveway. It gives a solid endorsement by several driveway and lawn care experts. It is penetrating type sealer, which means it also serve as filler. It penetrates deep down inside the driveway and pours the crevices, pores and cracks as well. However for cracks try to use crack filler separately because driveway sealers are expensive. It seals you driveway and avoid any harmful substance like bacteria, algae, molds, mildew as well as save the driveway from spreading disfiguration and cracks.

DryWay’s 5 gallon jug can cover about 500 square foot area depending on the material used in the driveway. No matter how much thin layer you apply it will definitely pass water bead test after its first application. For durability we talked with many driveway sealing professionals and long term home users as well, and it was found to be the top most choice of majority.




Foundation Armor SX5000 Driveway Sealer with Water Repellent

Foundation Armor SX5000 is best for concrete driveways. It comes at a premium price. It is a silane based penetrating type of sealer that works better than other products that are for brick or concrete driveways. It best repels water, greatly fill in the cracks and protects driveways for a longer period of time. As UV light and water damages by cold thaw cycles in winter are the main reasons behind the cracks on driveways, Foundation Armor’s special formula is designed to counter these problems.
It beads the water perfectly and perform well at filling the larger cracks. This feature was rarely seen in most of the driveway sealers. Generally it is more effective and durable as compared to DryWay’s. We also really like its finish, which gives a nice natural and non-glossy look to your driveway.

The only pitfall of Foundation Armor is its high price. Overall is best for driveways made from brick, concrete and paver material. As driveways made form concrete are very costly and get cracked easier, you need the best protection like Foundation Armor.




Cofair 609MD Asphalt Repair Fabric Black

Cofair 609MD Asphalt Repair is the best if you are looking something that is a budget pick. It uses repair fabric for asphalt to seal driveway crack for its material. When it is about its texture, this sealant has self-adhesive formula. When we talk about the time it last, most reviewers are agreed upon the fact that this asphalt sealer can seal driveways and keep them sturdy for years.

With an extremely easy to use kit, it is also an affordable alternative to liquid sealers.When it is about its formula, you can have fuss free sealing, because of its no-mess application. However, how much area it covers? It can cover around 9 feet to 6 inches. It is applicable for the pavements. Overall, Cofair 609 MD is the best drive way sealer if you are looking to use driveway straight away.



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