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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a heated debate in auto world regarding efficiency of fuel additive products, however general conclusion is that it isn’t hurt but probably helps your environment, improves fuel handling, engine performance, fuel stability as well as control contaminants formed by fuel burn. With best diesel fuel additive you can lower pollution as 50%, save 50 cents or a dollar per gallon gas, as well as double your engine life. Using diesel fuel additive improves your engines power and mileage, clean engine and injectors deposits, increase cetane rating, stabilizes fuel while reducing smoke, lubricates cylinders of your engine, and also removes water from fuel. There are several fuel additives and many are found on gas station to be mixed with the fuel tank. With comprehensive research we short down the reviews of 3 best Diesel Fuel Additives for you, here they are;


Lucas Fuel Treatment

diesel-additive-1Lucas is the best all-purpose fuel additive. Lucas is a well-known brand in auto industry. A gallon of Lucas can treat around 400 gallons of fuel. It fits all whether gas or diesel. Most products in market are made for diesel or gasoline only, however Lucas can be applied on both. By burning off extra emissions from exhaust, it helps you reduce pollutants in environment. It also cleans and lubricates fuel injectors as well as carburetors that saves the gas mileage and improve engine power. When we tested Lucas on different cars, both gasoline or diesel powered, we found similar and consistent results. With Lucas, engine run significantly smoother and saves the gas mileage by around 5 percent that become noticeable on longer run. Overall, Lucas is best diesel fuel additive when you are looking for versatility.



Sta-Bil Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer and Performance Improver

diesel-additive-2Sta-Bil Diesel Fuel Stabilizer is the best diesel fuel additive if you are looking for a diesel only fuel additive that can be used all year round. Sta-Bil works on all diesel engines and all diesel fuels and can be used in every fill up. Sta-Bil helps remove water from the tank, and as we all know water promotes algae and fungus growth. In a hot environment such as during the summer, the heat and humidity combined with water is a breeding ground for fungus and algae. Sta-Bil contains a high concentration of detergents and lubricants that move sediments and engine deposits that contribute to the accelerated breakdown of your engine. Sta-Bil also works decently in extremely cold environments where the temperature can drop below 0 degrees. However, it would be better if you also added in kerosene in addition to Sta-Bil. Sta-Bil is a powerful diesel only additive that really saves you on gas mileage. After testing Sta-Bil for 4 months on a few diesel engines, we noticed around a 10% savings in gas mileage, all else being equal. This is a significant increase in efficiency. So we highly recommend Sta-Bil as the best diesel fuel additive that can be used in hot or cold weather.

Sta-Bil is best for those looking for a diesel only fuel additive which run for whole year or more. It works with all diesel engines and all diesel fuels and can also be used for each fill up. It remove the water from fuel tank and save your tank from fungus or algae formation. In hot environment like summer, humidity and heat mixed with water become breeding ground for these organisms. Sta-Bil includes high concentration of lubricants and detergents which move sediments as well as engine deposits which contribute to accelerated breakdown of your engine.



Power Service Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer

diesel-additive-3Power Service is best diesel additive which is specifically designed for winter only high performance fuel additive. Its formula avoids fuel filters from mixing with wax and stop fuel from crystalizing up. It tremendously lowers the cold filter plugging point because with this product you will better start, experience no cold smoke, get better throttle response, and smooth idle it is best for places where gelling is important concern. Various newer injection systems use high pressure fuel pump, and without appropriate lubrication, you will looking to spare thousands of bucks on repairs. Its anti-gel formula must be a part of every winter season routine on vehicle. You will experience a noticeable difference in your fuel economy as well as engine power during winter season and save lots on engine repairing.



Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive – 16 Oz. Case of 12

Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive protects diesel engines and its restore performance to give fuel economy (upto 4 percent improvement in MPG and 9.6 percent gains when tested individually), increase horsepower as well as torque. It includes a detergency and cetane improver system that helps in increasing horsepower and improving combustion and acceleration which results in better and smoother running engine. Stanadyne also reduces noise of engine and helps in engine startup. Its deposit and detergents modifiers help to protect injectors, nozzles, injections pumps, etc. Its lubricity improer system helps to reduce wear and tear by restoring lubricity to low sulfer and other diesel fuels. Its special de-emulsifier creates smaller water drops to come out from emulsion or suspension therefore separator/filter can effectively remove most of the water.

Stanadyne also performs effectively in cold weather (22 degree c) and cold filter plug by up to 13 degree C, if you use its cold weather protection formula. Its corrosion protective system is alcohol free and has corrosion inhibitors that save fuel systems corrosion and rust. It also stabilizes and keeps fuels fresh and defend it against gums formations due to oxidation. It also reduce emissions like particulates and smoke.

Approved by various OEMs such as Ford, GM, Ford and Navistar. It is independently tested and proven to perform best. It also cleared Cummins L10 cleanliness test. Can also be used with biodiesel.




Killem Biocide diesel fuel additive is registered from EPA for oils and refined fuel. It can be used to control fungi and bacteria growths in oils. It also refined fuel and at the same time sanitize your tanks. Killem Killem Biocide diesel fuel additive can help to reduce tank odors and corrosion. It serves as a way to prevent fuel and oil filter from corrosion and other deposits. It also eliminates slime mats. Main use of it is to help in preventing injectors plugging, excessive exhaust gas smoke and carbon deposits.

It is versatile and used with various different diesel powered equipment like Diesel storage depots, marinas, home and railroad usage. It is also water soluble product.

It comes in 1, 16 oz. bottle which is enough to treat 1280 gallons of fuel. However it is not effective in cold weather and detergent usage because it clean your engine but doesn’t help in improving the performance.


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