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Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

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cigmakingrevInvesting in cigarette rolling machine can help you create cost effective cigarettes that are less harmful for health and taste great. As manufactured cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, an alternative solution can help. Buying your own rolling papers and tobacco can help you control whatever goes in your cigarette and also help you save money. A carton of cigarettes cost $50 on average, however if you roll cigarettes on your own you can save up to $750 per year. Actually, initial investment can pay you off if you create cigarettes on your own. Additionally, they are less harmful for you and taste far better. But not all cigarette rolling machines performs same and therefore you need to evaluate them on the basis of ease of use, speed, and durability. Cigarette rolling machines can be hand-cranked (manual) or automatic. Automatic machines creates cigarette faster as compared to manual machines. The best cigarette rolling device must be durable and would not jam or clog up. Here are the reviews for the best 3 cigarette rolling machines.


Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarettes Rolling Machine

cig-machine3Top-O-Matic T2 is a popular brand in cigarette rolling machines industry and it is a hand cranked type. It is actually an improved version of T1 product line that now become a flagship product. T2 last longer, more accurate, and can pumps out cigarettes faster as compared to its predecessor, T1. T1 was enough flexible to create different cigarettes including 100mm, regular and Kings. A switch is there to switch to change size or type of cigarettes.

Operating T2 is quite simple. Primarily you have to loosen tobacco and fill it into strip in machine. After loading, ensure to pack it tightly however not too tightly. After this insert the cigarette tube into metallic tip at end of machine. Then pull lever down slightly to lock each and every thing in and then ultimately completely engage lever to roll cigarette. It needs some practice in order to get all this right and finding perfect spot for the amount of pressure you need to apply to pack it. We believe T2 is better than T1 and more durable. It packs cigarettes tighter as well as provide you extra room for errors while packing. We also find mechanism utilized to operate lever and pack cigarettes to be superior. While T2 doesn’t pack cigarettes as fast as compared to an automatic cigarette rolling machine, it does great job for its price. Additionally on average, quality of every cigarette is quite even as opposed to the batches made with any automatic cigarette rolling machines that tends to have some defects. Top-O-Matic T2 is much durable yet it comes with a warranty of 1 year.



Powermatic II Electric Cigarettes Rolling Machine

cig-machine2Powermatic II is the best electrical cigarette rolling machine, and a value for price you pay. Powermatic II is the improvement to Powermatic I which is more durable and faster. Operating Powermatic II is easy to work with, just place tobacco in tray and jam it in slot. Remember that do not need to be precise for how much to jam in loading slot. Then plug machine in and load empty cigarette tube in the machine. Then pull handle and machine automatically loads cigarette. Powermatic II is semi-automatic. Difference between Powermatic II and manual is that while you pull crank down, Powermatic has electrical injector system which calculates and load the exact quantity of tobacco. A manual cigarette rolling machine doesn’t have electrical plugs and it can load the cigarette on the basis of how much pressure you apply to crank lever.

We like Powermatic II in comparison to manual rolling machines as it really speeds up time taken to make 1 pack of cigarettes as well as it can packs it far better. As Powermatic is neither completely automatic nor manual, it give more control and at the same time less prone to the errors. Thumb Rule is that more automatic a mechanism is the more it will susceptible to errors. Completely automatic mechanisms pump out a cigarette much faster however get jammed to frequently producing bad batches. As Powermatic II includes reset button so whenever it jams up and this is the best thing about it. All in all, Powermatic is best cigarette machine which strikes a perfect balance between costs, speed, accuracy and durability.



Just Good Tobacco Cigarettes Rolling Machine

cig-machine1For those who need best rolling machine, there isn’t anything better than Just Good tobacco Cigarette Machine. Only dark side of this machine is that you have to invest a premium for luxury. As it can easily make one pack of cigarette in couple of minutes and is much accurate, it can be a best combination. It is really built for speed as well as operating this machine is also very simple. Just fill compartment with tobacco and place empty cigarette tube inside it. By a press of a button machine will automatically extract amount of tobacco and pour it in tube. For another cigarette place other empty tube again press the same button. As you do not need to fill tobacco each time you have to load cigarette, Just Good Cigarette Rolling Machine can make 20 cigarettes in just two minutes.

Best thing about Just Good is that you do not need to pour tobacco each time. It has a big compartment where one can dump huge amount of tobaccos and machine will automatically estimate exact quantity of tobacco required and pour into the cigarette tube. Therefore you only need to fill the compartment after every 2 packs you create. A feature which could make this machine far superior is an automatic loader that would automate entire process. But, that would be more expensive and prone to various errors. We actually like the accuracy of Just Good rolling machine which you can never get from completely automatic ones. As automatic cigarette rolling machines makes errors because of tobacco jams, it’s surprising to observe an automatic rolling machine that has lower error rate. Out of hundred cigarettes created, only 1 of turns out bad. Although Just Good Cigarette machine comes with heavy price tag, it include nice features such as it rarely jams, has low error rate, lasts for long, and simple to use.



RAW 79mm Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

If you want something which best at both machining and price, RAW Hemp Plastic Rolling machine is cheap yet best cigarette rolling machine out there. At a price as lowest as just $4 is something that suits to any budget. This cheaper manual cigarette rolling machine you can expect some more steps to rolling joint as compared to other expensive electronic rolling machines. You need to place your herbs inside the chamber and then slide the paper between the chamber and herbs and then manually roll it till it get rolled completely. This is completely an ecofriendly machine and can roll a 75 mm cigarette easily.



Powermatic 1 Cigarette Injector Machine (Manual)

We like this cigarette rolling machine as it is packed with the features of some high end rolling machines and at the same time it is portable and very light weight. Powermatic Manual Cigarette injector can roll from 100 mm to a king size cigarettes. This is a manual rolling machine therefore you need to push slide as soon as you have pressed lever down. Manual machines also have some advantages like you do not need to have power for using them by making it easier to roll a cigarette on the go. With manual cigarette rolling machines you also don’t need any power cord getting damaged that would lead to purchase a new one. Powermatic cigarette rolling machine come with cleaning tool and a brush so that it can last for longer and allow you to roll many great quality cigarettes.



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