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Best Baby Monitor In Australia

To anything for our little one, one thing is for sure, we want nothing but the best for him/her. But unfortunately, as much as you want to stay by their side 24/7, it is impossible, especially that there are other things you need to do, taking a bath, cooking for your family, working, gardening, cleaning the house and a lot of day-to-day activities that might need you to stay a little distance away from your child.

If you are the type of parent who cannot move comfortably when your baby is out of sight, using a baby monitor is what you need to consider.

The advancement of technology has paved the way to make anybody’s life easy. And for parents, it is the baby monitor that gives a major positive change in their lives.

If you are in Australia, you should know how busy life can be, and using a baby monitor is a solution that can fix the problem of limiting your activities because you have a baby to take care of. There are a lot of baby monitor options in Australia, both local and foreign brands, hence, spotting the best one that can adhere to your requirements is not as hard to do.

To help you start with your research, here are some of the best baby monitor available in Australia:

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby video monitor is what you need, to know what your baby is doing when you are physically not there to watch them over. It has a 3.2” LCD display and 2.4GHz Wireless technology to ensure that you can watch over your child like you are there beside them. It comes with a 960ft transmission range, so you can do what you need to do even at a bit of a far distance or even if you are planning to go outside to garden as it is fully functional even in open air. If you are planning to let them sleep on a different room, the night vision and temperature monitoring of this device can help you get a good sleep at night even if you are not beside them during bed time.

It also comes with a two-way clear audio so you can hear when they cry, and you can let them know you are there by talking back.


– Automatic night vision

– It comes with a two-way talk

– Temperature monitoring

– It can be expanded up to 4 cameras

– It comes with an alarm

– It also has stored lullabies for your child’s better sleep and comfort

– Longer range


– The battery life of the device may require you to plug it every day

– The camera of the device does not swivel

Nannio Hero3 Baby Camera

Nannio Hero3 Baby Camera

If you want to monitor your baby even when you are away, this is a perfect baby camera for you. The features of this baby monitor are good enough to give you and also your baby, a comfortable sleep and a more convenient day to day life.

This device comes with a long-range audio and video, automatic night vision, two-way talk, baby room temperature monitoring, and lullaby songs. This is a perfect gift to give during baby showers, especially if the pregnant celebrant is someone you want to have a good and comfortable life after giving birth.


– Compact and lightweight, so can be carried anywhere you want

– Comes with a two-year warranty

– Cheaper than its competitors

– It comes with vibration notification and sound detection


– Fewer lullaby song options (only 5)

– Does not come with remote pan and tilt camera

KAWA Video Baby Monitor

KAWA Video Baby Monitor

If you need to accomplish a lot of household chores and leaving your baby in the nursery is the only way you can do to perform all your household tasks, then get a KAWA video monitor. What made this different from other baby monitors is that it has a huge LCD, 5”, for a better view of your baby while you are physically away.

You do not need Wifi connection to make this device work, it is very easy to install, and it is fully operational even when you are 1000ft range away from where your baby is.

It has a long battery life; hence, you do not need to worry about losing connection with your baby. The device can also be tilted up to 67 degrees, so you can get the best angle of your baby’s view even if they always move around.


– Budget friendly baby monitor

– It comes with a large screen

– It can be tilted

– Easy to use and install

– It comes with a long battery life

– Playful design, perfect for your baby’s room

– 1000ft range, this is farther than its competitors


– It does not come with sleep mode

– The lullaby options are limited and can come very loud even when on the lowest volume level

– Comes with only 30-day money back guarantee, shorter than its competitors

CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle

CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle

This is more than just a baby video monitor as this set includes a camera which comes with one shared stand, a crib attachment, a mobile stand and a floor base stand, and a sleep sensor pad. The motion detector that comes with this set is effective enough to detect even the slightest movement on your baby’s mattress. If you are a type of parent who is very worrisome, this is a perfect device for you to use.

This is also a perfect device if you want your baby’s firsts captured even if you are not there to personally see them. It also comes in 2-way audio, so rest assured that you can send your love to your baby verbally, even if you are away washing the dishes, etc.


– It comes with a sleep sensor pad that is not available to other brands of baby video monitor

– Their camera works with motion sensors, so any irregular movements can alert caregivers or parents’ real time

– It is easy to install and use

– It comes with a one year Cubo Ai Care premium plan, free of charge, to save every moment of your baby

– It can be used to babies from 0 to 5+ years


– To use the sleep sensor pad, the mattress thickness should be 6 to 13 cm

– You need WiFi to connect to activate Cubo Ai Care

Vtech RM7754HD Video Monitor

Vtech RM7754HD Video Monitor

If you want to give a better view of your baby even if you are far from him/her, V, tech RM7754HD Video Monitor, is the right option for you. With its 7” full color display, expect to see your baby very clearly. It also has a 10x zoom function to ensure that you won’t be missing anything.

It has auto night vision, night light, and manual angle adjustment to get the perfect site suitable for your comfort and peace of mind. It has direct Wi-Fi and router modes, temperature sensor that comes with alerts, nine sounds and lullabies and motion activated recording and alerts.


– The screen is big enough to satisfy worrisome parents

– It offers a 110 degree view

– It comes with a high-power infrared LED for a clearer view for both day and night

– Easy to adjust camera feature

– It comes with three color night lights


– It is only best to use indoor

– Alerts are only for motion

– Short battery life

CIYYFVA Baby Monitor

CIYYFVA Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is equipped with a 3.5-inch screen that comes with a 2x zoom support, so whether your baby is hiding somewhere, you can easily catch them. What made this a good choice is that it comes with a remote-control camera, hence, you do not need to feel the inconvenience of adjusting the camera manually to where you want it focused.

It comes with a 2 way talk, so you can talk to your baby and at the same time, you can hear them back. The night vision feature of this device can allow you to leave your child sleeping in their own room without completely leaving them alone.


– Pan tilt zoom camera and can be adjusted using a remote

– Two way conversation

– Feeding alarm function

– ECO Mode for power saving option


– It is a bit expensive compared to baby monitors with the same features

– Battery may not be longer than you expect

HERILIOS Baby Monitor

HERILIOS Baby Monitor

In terms of clarity, this can be one of the best baby monitors in Australia. It comes in a large screen, 5” and with 720IPS display to give you real-time, clearer view of your baby. The camera can be zoomed in and out in two or four times with the use of a remote.

It also offers you with up to 7 times volume levels to make sure that you can hear your child when he/she cries and he/she can hear you when you speak even if you are somewhere inside the house.


– Screen is bigger and clearer

– Battery life can last up to 24 hours

– It has a 1000 feet wireless connection, so expect stability even if you are far from your baby’s room

– It is easy to operate, requires no app to set up


– The sound of this device does not go away

– It does not have a VOX mode


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