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Acceptance of the Addiction is the Vital Step to Recovery

In the addictive life, one of the fundamental characteristics has been the emotional lack of control, and this is the center of many evils. This is why the AA program in the addiction recovery process is necessary to gradually know the threat that triggers the consumption and compulsion for addiction.

Alcohol is an external chemical agent, which acts on the brain and unbalances its normal functioning; as a consequence, emotional life becomes chaotic for people who consume it.

The defects of the character mentioned in the AA program are increased or become more noticeable, and the way of relating in all areas becomes maladaptive, disorder, lack of security and the value to live, and they become the daily occurring. Emotionally labile is what produces deep instability and emotional immaturity that does not allow to develop social and coping skills in the face of difficulties.

Addiction is the Vital Step to Recovery

This constant unconsciousness is an escape from its own reality; however, as organic incapacity develops, conflicts also grow until the person finds refuge in the bottle of alcohol or drugs.

In this sense, the emotions, the way of perceiving their own life, the thoughts, and therefore the behavior, trigger tragedies of total destruction of the alcoholic patient since the consequences are not only physical, but also social, emotional, and cognitive.

The AA program, through its literature, suggests how to deal with these problems inherent in the personality of the alcohol and drug abusers.

Admission of Alcoholism

You need to recognize that the slightest contact with alcohol is enough for an alcoholic patient to suffer physical and mental changes that upset the overall personality. If we practice this first point, there is humility.

Personality Analysis and Catharsis

Make a complete inventory of your own life and recognize your faults before God and another human being, with the primary purpose of cleaning all the spots that have blackened the soul. This, you enter the stage of honesty.

Dependence of a Higher Power

Recognize that you are powerless to solve your problems and that you need external help. At first, this help comes from the AA group, but finally, it is concluded that it is a higher power that governs the conscience of the groups. By accepting this point, you are using good judgment.

Readjustment of Interpersonal Relationships

It is carried out to reality, and each person is fixing their plot as they see it fit, resuming their relationships with their family, neighbors, and others, and trying to improve them until they achieve the best understanding that was lost.

Work with Other Alcoholics

This is a simple way to acquire sobriety, giving another alcoholic the opportunity to know the viable path to addiction recovery. In this gift of sobriety, there is spiritual love and other virtues that are practiced, such as tolerance and humility, that are basic to the spiritual growth of the affected person. In the AA program, we intelligently use the resources of love to defeat the giant of fear and anger in order to stabilize personal, family, social, and emotional life.


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