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1. The Dos and Don’ts of HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is one of the most popular diets these days. You see advertisements, you read articles about it and you hear people claim how it has worked for them and helped them lose 10,20,30 etc. pounds. But even if hundreds of people tell you how it has worked for them and you get yourself the HCG drops but if you don’t follow some guidelines, you will not be successful and may just end up wasting your money and efforts. For example getting the best women’s cross training shoes won’t necessarily guarantee that you become a pro athlete. You have to work hard to see the results. Especially with the HCG diet, which requires your dedication, commitment and a few things to live by and avoiding some as well.

We have listed some Dos and Don’ts that you must follow on the HCG Diet to fully benefit from it and reach your ideal weight.

The “Dos” of the HCG Diet

Let’s first talk about things that you should be doing.

Weigh Yourself Consistently

Weighing yourself consistently throughout the diet is very important, especially on the 3rd phase of HCG diet when you have to maintain your weight. When you are regularly checking your weight you can keep a track of your progress and stay motivated to continue. You should ideally weigh yourself right after you wake up and before breakfast everyday so that your numbers are consistent.

Keep a Diet Journal

Keeping a track of your diet can be the key to know what works for you best and succeed on the diet. If you had a great week you can refer to your journal to see what you ate and eat more of that or avoid eating what didn’t work for you. Just like keeping a track of your weight, keeping a track of your diet especially the number of calorie intake is very important to be successful.

The “Don’ts” of the HCG Diet

Let’s talk about what to avoid!

Have Unrealistic Expectations

Although, the HCG Diet claims to help you lose weight dramatically without any tough exercise, you should avoid having unrealistic expectations from it. Weight loss is a long journey that requires hard work, commitment and consistency. Don’t freak out or lose motivation if you don’t notice any change in your weight in the first few days, stay consistent and it will happen. Also don’t cheat and follow each step and the HCG protocol with commitment to be successful.

Break HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG Diet protocol has been tested and reviewed over decades to ensure that the people on it benefit to the maximum. You may think you have a better idea than it and try to do your own thing but it is not recommended. If you break the diet protocol it is highly likely that you won’t get the results you want and get demotivated. So follow the diet protocol to the t and notice the results for yourself.

Follow these Dos and Don’ts throughout your diet and maximize your chances of weight loss.


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